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Monthly Healing Circle


On the first day of each month, Distance Healing with Universal White Time Healing is performed as a community service for all those around the World who have requested healing for themselves and/or others.  If you would like to participate in the Monthly Healing Circle, please send an email via the Contact page and list your full name and city, as well as the names and cities of others that you would like to include.  You may also indicate any specific healing intentions you have for yourself, loved ones, pets, Humanity and Mother Earth.  At any time during the day of the healing, follow the Guidelines below to enhance the beneficial effects. 


If you are a UWTH Practitioner, please consider sending Distance Healing to the Monthly Healing Circle to amplify and strengthen its effects for everyone.  Simply open Distance Healing at any time on the first of each month with the intention of sending healing to the Monthly Healing Circle "as Universe knows."


Guidelines for Receiving UWTH Distance Healing


  1. Print out the Alliance Protection Symbol found on the Signs for Protection page under Resources.  It brings healing, protection and strength to those who work with it.

  2. Print your name and birthdate in the central circle. 

  3. Meditate on the Symbol for a few moments and begin to think about what you need to heal or clarify in your life.  Write on a separate sheet of paper those areas of life in which you need support and healing, such as health, relationships, home, work or career, travel or creative projects.

  4. Place your list on top of the Symbol.  If you like, light a white candle and place it by the Symbol to create sacred space.  If there are others in your life to whom you'd like to send healing as well, simply think of them or write down their names when preparing yourself.

  5. Now, sit or lie down comfortably.  Close your eyes, take a few slow deep breaths and relax.

  6. Take down a brilliant white light into the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head.  Allow this light to descend into your Heart and from there to fill your entire body.  Continue to hold your awareness in your Heart and open to receive the healing.  You may fall asleep, go into meditation or feel different sensations and shifts occurring in your body.  Enjoy the healing experience for as long as desired.

  7. When you feel complete, gently stand and feel your feet on the ground.  Take a few slow deep breaths and stretch your body as you like.  Make notes of any awareness you gained during the session and how you feel in your body. 

  8. Meditate on the Symbol and your list over the days that follow.  The effects of the healing session will continue for 25-27 days, so during that time notice any changes in those life areas you focused on.

  9. Universal White Time Healing works both with and outside of Time, so enjoy the session's benefits when you're able.  You may even repeat these Guidelines multiple times over the course of the month to receive additional healing.


If you would like to share your experiences, please send us an email and also let us know if we may post these anonymously on our site to encourage others to join the Circle and support them in their healing process.


For additional healing, print out and laminate the Healing With Love document.  You may place your hands on it and meditate as desired.  You can also carry it with you, place it under your pillow at night, under food or drink or even hang on the wall or behind a mirror to allow its frequency to emanate into the room.  Follow your Heart and intuition in its use.


Many thanks and blessings for participating in the Monthly Healing Circle.



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