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The Research at KI



"I, Channie West, and some of my healing students, came in contact with Professor Per-Arne Öckerman. We started a shorter medical research project with him, which in turn led to the possibility of further research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, known as the KI. The Karolinska Institute is known worldwide for its research, including in the context of the Nobel Prize.

The contact at the KI came about thanks to the results that Professor Öckerman's blood analysis research had already given us. These results contributed to an obvious interest in the Universal White Time Healing and its possibilities at the KI. The blood analyses carried out by Professor Öckerman showed that all 12 participants, people with no interest or understanding of healing, were nonetheless positively influenced by our healing, and this in just 24 hours. Their immune system had been strengthened, the free radicals had been considerably reduced and candida had also been radically reduced. Professor Öckerman was extremely surprised.

In our research project, Professor Per-Arne Öckerman took blood samples of all the participants, and we then healed them. At the same time the day after, that is, 24 hours after our one hour long healing session, a new blood test was taken. When the samples were compared on the computer, the results were easily interpreted. What would normally have taken another month had been achieved in 24 hours!


Normally Professor Öckerman prescribes nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals for his patients. These nutritional supplements provide good blood values for the patient after one month of use. Professor Öckerman found the results so extraordinary that he wanted to continue the study. However, I and some of my healing students turned directly to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and Professor Kerstin Unnäs-Moberg. She immediately took a great interest in the report by Professor Per-Arne Öckerman.

This is how my involvement in the research at the KI started, which went on for a number of years. The interest then suddenly vanished, as fast as you blow out a candlelight. It ended because of a too good a result.


A number of years later, I read in a newspaper that the KI received a lot of money from the USA for alternative research. A female director said that healing research has not yet been carried out in Sweden. However, that same director was in the laboratory and saw our ongoing research. And if I remember correctly, she also took my healing course with other doctors and staff from the KI.


I called the newspaper and said: "What do you know about the healing research at KI? I mean the research that has been going on there, for years. There has been a lot of research into healing, in Sweden, for many years, and particularly at the KI. They lie if they say otherwise." The interest of the editors of the newspaper was lukewarm, but later on a TV show, “The Unknown,” the story was picked up again. In this TV show, the two professors were interviewed. However, Professor Kerstin Unnäs-Moberg was very vague in the memory of me, and whether I had really been at the KI. "Someone, possibly Channie, was there," she said straight into the camera. This is despite the fact that we met regularly for almost four years and spent time in private, outside the KI.


In addition to the TV show and the interviews, news emerged of several burglaries at the KI, and that material from the research into Universal White Time Healing was stolen?! Professor Kerstin Unnäs-Moberg personally warned me never to talk about or show the research papers that I had. A threat?!


So, why was all this so interesting? Because the healing research had produced what is called significant and very clear evidence and results. I myself participated in the entire research in the KI, but I have not been able to, nor was I allowed to talk about it openly so far. This is because, as I recall, we all had to sign a paper of professional secrecy. I was also involved in the earlier research, the one that later led to the continuation at the KI. Both of these research activities were led by high-level, very distinguished and famous people in medicine. All this healing research involved many different healers, both old and new graduates. This proved that it was not just a question of a specific person's ability, for example my own. The KI staff also had their healing training paid by KI, in order to continue with their own tests. Their tests produced the same results as ours.


The research was very exciting and clearly demonstrated the effect of healing on both humans and animals. At the KI, these were mostly animal tests, with rats, where the healer never touched the animal. Even Distance Healing from my home 40 miles away was done. This was sent to specially marked rats, so that not all rats at the KI would be affected.


The blood, temperature and much more were also tested, if I remember correctly.


The scientists involved, some doctors and a psychologist, and Professor Kerstin Unnäs-Moberg, all took healing courses, as I said. I think there were seven people. Attempts to heal were made before the course, with the instruction that they would think that they could already heal. This produced no visible result at all. Following the course, these tests were repeated, now with very significant and good results. This proved once again that the healing could not only be carried out by one or more special persons, nor that it worked because of an unnatural gift or a certain “belief.”


Research also showed that Universal White Time Healing is a very specific healing form. There are, of course, many different varieties in the world, but our kind proved to be the one that worked best, and produced the most striking, the most obvious and the best results. The research also tested other types of healing, as well as light contact and massage.

As I have said, even Distance Healing with Universal White Time Healing was tested. After that, some of the laboratory staff became worried, even frightened. Some stopped there and others refused to work while the healing research was going on. There was concern that it was possible to influence someone, or something, from a distance. I was at home, as I said, about 40 miles from the KI, and Distance healed. The rats were in these trials marked in the ears, instead of the tail, to distinguish them from the other rats at the KI. I did not want to affect other animals. It had already been seen that there was a certain impact on animals nearby, in the same room as the healing. At the tests, I never met the rats physically, before the Distance Healing started.


Well, all this went on and went very well until the day when an attempt was made to heal a wound. I did not participate in it myself. This is because I believe it is unethical to deliberately hurt an animal in this way. When I wanted to get a report on the outcome, it was very difficult. I wanted it in writing, but I did not get it. That is why I visited Professor Kerstin Unnäs-Moberg's office for an oral report. It turned out to be the most unclear mumbling. I had to ask a number of times, and only received a few replies. When I finally got the figure, the percentage of the healing of the wound, it turned out that an 85% faster healing was achieved with our healing. It was the drop that made the cup overflow. It was the end of Universal White Time Healing research at the KI.

On that day, all the scientists, doctors, foreign guests, if I remember correctly, were invited to lunch, along with a few healers. I was seated opposite Professor Unnäs-Moberg, who led the research. At lunch, I was excited about the results of the research in general, and I happened to say that I was pleased with such significant results to someone next to me. To my astonishment, Professor Unnäs-Moberg said that there were no such results whatsoever. She lied to my face and lied to everyone else present there. I just stuttered an apology and kept quiet, but I thought “Oh, aha.” I realized what was happening and that I must now act both quickly and smart. So, when we went back to the KI, I pulled aside one of the new laboratory assistants. I told some kind of white lie, that I had spilled coffee on all my research papers. I don't drink coffee, but I said I did, as to make her copy as many papers as she could find about the healing research. It turned out to be a full binder of paper, but I know that there was a whole shelf from the outset, because it was years of research. She said this was all she could find. I believed her, the rest was probably already hidden or destroyed. Unfortunately, I never got that last, most important paper, that about wound healing.

I have kept quiet for all these years, because I have not wanted to damage anyone's reputation. I know that the research was suspended because it was too good. I know that the research grants, all the money, come from companies in the medical sector, which would rather demonstrate the opposite, and remove all alternative medicines and methods such as healing. After all, they want to sell medicines in the end.


I was asked to apply for research funding, but I said “No.” Instead, I and all the other healers in healing research worked for years on a voluntary basis. Not all of us gave only from our time. We were not paid for all the miles we drove either, or even the parking on KI's property.


I am writing this now because I want someone to know the truth. In fact, I have only one wish, and that is that one day I will actually get that paper on wound healing. I want the proof of what Universal White Time Healing can really do. And then I want to show it to the scientific community and everyone else. I already know how good Universal White Time Healing is, but I think others have a right to know too. In terms of treatment techniques, alternatives are available and Universal White Time Healing is one of the best according to studies."


                                                                                                                        - Channie West, Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on Earth


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