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Commonly Asked Questions



I’m interested in taking UWTH, but what is the importance of taking the class and receiving the initiations?


Universal White Time Healing is an advanced healing energy that connects one more fully to one’s True Self.  The class provides instruction in specific methods of healing and grants the practitioner a powerful means for healing oneself and others.  It offers an opportunity to grow spiritually as significant energetic blockages are released through the initiation process.  The initiations provide important energetic shifts that support the evolution of the Soul as well, not just the personality self.  UWTH helps one to live more in one’s Truth and to change one’s life for the better.  It also enhances intuition, brain capacity and one's natural talents and gifts.  In my experience, your interest in UWTH shows that your Soul is calling you to new levels of possibility and advancement.  You will know whether it is right to take a class in UWTH by the knowing in your Heart.


Can UWTH help me to become more fully embodied?  Or will it take me out of the body?


UWTH is an energy that originates outside of our known Universe and also combines with the energy of the Earth.  It opens one up to higher frequencies of energy and new perspectives on reality while entering deeply into the cellular and atomic structure of the body.  UWTH increases the space between the atoms of the body, thereby allowing a greater capacity for higher states of consciousness and inner guidance while empowering and grounding the body.  Since UWTH is all color and all time in one unit, it affects one’s entire system and supports one’s personal evolution and growth on all levels, including the physical.  In class, you will learn methods of grounding which will help you to experience these advanced energies in your body.  Common sensations are heat, coolness, tingling and higher energy levels.  You may also notice old pain patterns releasing, new awareness about how you move and use your body and more physical presence.  I would say that your best teacher is direct experience, so consider having a private healing session to know how you can benefit from UWTH.


I am needing to connect fully with myself and my true nature.  Could UWTH help me to align with my Original Blueprint?  Does UWTH make repairs in my energy system or can it restore aspects of myself that were lost?


UWTH is very effective for connecting one more fully to one’s True Nature or Original Blueprint.  It is a combination of all colors (white) and all times (past, present and future) in one unit.  Wherever one is missing frequencies, UWTH fills in the gaps.  It clears, charges and empowers the entire energetic system, even to the atomic level.  Most significantly, the initiations during class clear blockages that enable greater brain capacity and learning and better verbal and mathematical skills.  One’s psychic ability to work with the aura and to see and feel energy improves.  I have found over the years that UWTH opens consciousness to be able to perceive reality more clearly, including the reality of one’s own Soul and Divine Purpose.  It amplifies one's process and opens the Heart to greater Love and Light, through which we can discover who we truly are.  At the same time, UWTH does not interfere with karma, so we are still responsible for learning our lessons and evolving our own consciousness.  However, UWTH supports this process and facilitates our ability to move forward with greater clarity and confidence.


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