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Universal White Time Healing for Children

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A Letter to the Parents of Children Who Are Interested in Healing

Children can also learn to give healing. They are exceptionally good at carrying their healing knowledge and can work very well with the force. Yes, children can give healing. In addition to the adult healing, there is also baby, child and teenage healing within the Universal White Time Healing. So, both children and adults can learn to give healing.



A Teacher in the Universal White Time Healing for Children can initiate not only children, but also incredibly young infants into healers. When this initiation is given to babies, it is a protection for them in this unfortunately sometimes so harsh and painful world, as well as against the mean people in it. And sadly, it can even be family members, who are very mean. Later in life, the growing child can decide for himself or herself whether he or she wants to use the healing force, let it be latently present or even allow himself or herself to be closed off from the force. An initiated child with an open channel has an incredibly good protection and will rarely encounter serious negative things or experiences. Of course, the child continues to receive the life lessons and learns from his/her mistakes.


The Force and the Child

Children are more sensitive than adults and therefore react more strongly to healing, both when giving themselves and when receiving the healing energy. Let your child experience the healing with which they work in a calm and peaceful environment. Do not disturb your child with questions when they are giving healing. Do not make any demands and do not force it into anything.

Some children really like healing and like to give healing. Other children are a bit more reserved or shy, especially when they receive healing themselves (even amongst friends). Therefore, let your child indicate what he/she wants. Let the child play with the force, as he/she prefers. The force is strong but can never harm the child. The force ‘knows’ that at that moment a child forms the instrument and adapts itself to this fact.


The White Time energy with its power will never shock or scare a child. It is more of a pleasant caress, like a gentle spring breeze filled with sun rays. The White Time can look like a beautiful rainbow to a child, all the colors to play with. It can also be experienced as a powerful white light, behind closed eyelids. However, it can also happen that a child and the force choose to grow a little more first, before such wonderful experiences within the child take shape. It is in line with the development of the child.


What does the child learn?

Children learn to open their healing force with an opening word or opening sentence to start a treatment through contact healing or distance healing. Then, they can give healing as long as they want. There is no specific time for it. To close the healing force again is important, but this happens automatically when the child forgets to close his/her own funnel.

A distance healing is done a bit differently than a contact healing. The child uses two symbols when doing the healing on distance. One of these symbols is used exclusively and only by children between 7 and 12 years old. From the age of thirteen, a child can receive the White Time initiation for adults. After this, the child can receive and read through the course material for Universal White Time Healing 1.

Children between 0 and 7 years old can also use the special children’s sign for distance healing. It depends a bit on the development of the child whether it can understand how the healing works.

The child will also learn the Golden Movement and thus will have the opportunity to work with these special energies. Babies often look very fascinated by the Golden Movement energies. First make an energy sphere, then pull the energy sphere apart a bit and play with the energies for the baby, who will probably be delighted with laughter. Toddlers up to around 2 years old usually also react, as they are still able to see auras. They have that gift of being able to distinguish their parents from other people. When a child has younger siblings, he/she can play a bit with the energy of the Golden Movement for them and at the same time give them the White Time energy. This strengthens the mutual bond between the children.


What can the child do with what he/she has learned?

If you want your child to clean up his/her room, ask him/her to open the healing. Then, the cleanup will be easier. Anything that is boring, requires a lot of work or is annoying is easier to deal with, with the healing force open.

Ask your child to give a contact healing to his/her possible mobile phone, computer or other things that have an electric field around. When the child gives the mobile phone a contact healing, the child will call for less time and will therefore be less time-exposed to the radiation of the device. Computers and computer games can also be given healing by the child, after which he/she will use the device for a more normal time and thus will play for less time.

Even money or a credit card can be provided with healing by a child. This so that the money is spent on useful things and thus lasts longer.

It is also good to instruct the child and remind him/her to use the contact healing or distance healing for everything he/she eats (such as sweets, chips, fruits and vegetables, ice cream) and what he/she drinks (such as water, cola or other beverages). The child may also benefit from treating vitamins and minerals or the medications he/she uses.

It is also very good if the child uses the contact healing or distance healing for a visit to a doctor or dentist. Because of this, both the doctor and the child will be more relaxed. It makes the child not experience the event as anxious, traumatic, nasty, painful or annoying and so on.

Children sometimes play very wildly. Therefore, feel free to ask your child to treat his/her playtime in advance with the distance healing, so that it all runs a bit calmer and more harmoniously.

A school day can also be treated in advance with the distance healing. This is to be able to remember things better and so on.

The contact healing can also be used for toys. This so that the toy does not break and will not harm the child.

It is very smart to let the child give his/her bike a contact healing before it is used. The energy stays in the bike, so the child will be better protected.

The Esé sign that your child is going to learn is a super fine symbol to draw on things, lay under things or put into something with a thought. When the child draws or puts the symbol around him/her, the child will receive more protection and strength.

Energetically, it is also good for the child to work with the Golden Movement, part 1. The child may even teach this movement to his/her friends. However, the rest of the course material, the papers, is owned by the child himself/herself, and it is not allowed to share it with or show it to others.

With all treatments, the energy stays longer in the body when you apply ‘close’ under the feet. However, a child does not have to do this. Closing the treatment by thanking – simply crossing the arms in front of the chest and using the words ‘Thank you for this healing’ three times – does not have to be done by a child. Their healing force is a bit simpler, but no less powerful! White Time is a wonderful, powerful force with which your child may go to work. A tool that has been specially developed just for children, just for who they really are in heart and soul!


With a warm hug and a lot of happiness for you and your child and his/her healing!

Channie West

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