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Channie West

Ambassador & Supreme Teacher for Earth

About Channie


My name is Channie West. I was born in 1961 in Stockholm, Sweden. The year 1966 I had my first contact with higher beings from the Universe, and when I was 7 years old I started my first healing training with Level 1 of Universal White Time Healing. At age 12 I had done Levels 1 through 4 and was working on Level 5 of these classes. After that I continued with their entire healing training with all available classes and Levels, both known and unknown. With all of that as my background I was later ordained so I could become the representative for Universal White Time Healing on Earth as its Ambassador. Holding this position, I can teach and authorize Head Teachers in the world with Jeremy Werner being one of these Head Teachers, both for the USA and as a Traveling Head Teacher for the World.

A bit later in my life, I met with even higher beings, this time from another Reality than ours called The Second Reality. With them I continued learning even more. I started learning and understanding their Realities’ complex structure. In this process, I learned about The Board of Knowledge and took all of its known and unknown levels.

Today, my educations stretch even further to new and even higher levels, so I am continuing to learn new things every day.

Within my working profession, I hold a wide and vast number of different classes, both publicly known and also totally unknown. I have written all of the class materials for all kinds of classes and educate Students, Teachers, High Teachers, Assisting Head Teachers and Head Teachers for Universal White Time Healing all over the world. I also educate Students and Teachers for all of the other knowledge that I have received through the years.

I have also written 4 self-biographies, books about my life and about different kinds of off-worldly experiences that I have had, and because my hobby is collecting gemstones, I have written a gemstone book about their special energies and healing abilities.

Jeremy R Werner LAc CST.jpg

Jeremy R. Werner

Supreme Teacher for the World

Traveling Head Teacher

for the World

Head Teacher for the USA

About Jeremy


My journey with Universal White Time Healing began in 2007 when an astrologer handed me a brochure about White Time that I experienced as a portal of bright white light.  By that time, I had been a Reiki Master Teacher for 8 years and was well aware of the power of energy healing. However, I was struck by the power and purity of the Light coming to me through this brochure and knew I needed to pursue a greater understanding of this Unknown Source.   


While my Bachelor of Science in Physics at Brown University matured my exploration of the Universe and its Cosmic Forces, it was only one significant step in understanding modern theory.  Universal White Time Healing and my practice of it over the following years initiated me further into a profound level of metaphysics as well as a direct experience of these Cosmic Forces.  In fact, I became increasingly aware of how White Time was guiding and inspiring me to be more fully myself – a microcosm of the Universal Creation.  It opened me up to new and unimaginable Worlds and opportunities and has immensely improved the quality of my life.  This has truly been life-changing. 


Today, as a Supreme Teacher for the World, a Traveling Head Teacher for the World and a Head Teacher for the USA, I offer Universal White Time Healing in sessions, groups and classes as a way to share what has helped me so much personally and to support the healing and evolution of individuals, Humanity and the wonderful life in Nature all around us.  I have come to know that we are all Divine Beings and that our Hearts hold our True Essence.  It is this True Essence that calls us forward with purpose and meaning, and Universal White Time Healing awakens this to help us know and cultivate who we truly are.

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