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About the Practitioner Pages

Under the Resources tab, you'll see a listing of pages dedicated to Practitioners and Teachers of Universal White Time Healing.  They are listed according to the level of course completed by the Practitioner or Teacher  Each of these pages is password protected to ensure that only those with the appropriate education have access to them.  This is to maintain the integrity of the material and to inform Practitioners and Teachers of additional content presented at their level.

If you are a UWTH Practitioner or Teacher and would like to have access to these pages, please send a request to  Include your name, current level and a copy of your most recent Practitioner and/or Teacher diploma.  Once your level is verified, you'll receive an email with the passwords.

If you would like to be listed in the Practitioner Directory, please go to the top of the Practitioner Directory page and click on the link to make your request.  

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