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Send Me an Angel

By Channie West

Lift up and reach out your hands towards the Sun, Moon or Stars either physically outside or in your mind, preferably with your palms facing the Sun, Moon or Stars. If you want to make a triangle with your hands, let the thumb and index fingers meet as your palms are facing away from you. You could also make a heart with your hands and fingers with the tip of your thumbs meeting and then the nails [of the other fingers] touching each other. Inside of that heart you could embrace the Sun, Moon or a specific Star that you want to use when you work. Then say or think, "Please send me an Angel, an Angel from above that will protect and help me at this my time of need. Let it create a divine shield around me, keeping me safe and well."  (The best is to use these specific words.)


If you want to, then join us Light Workers in also spreading this help to our fellow human beings all over the world. Then, use the same thoughts from the text above. Just fit it to the one you are sending it to. Send to family, friends, coworkers or everyone in the world. Let it shine out to others helping them and giving them hope at this time. Your work really makes a difference!


There is no religion in this, just Compassion, Love and Light.


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