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Personal Stories

Since I began working with Universal White Time Healing in 2007, I have had numerous healings, insights and encounters that have truly been life-changing.  Not only have I used its beautiful energy in my professional healing practice for patients and clients, but also for clearing my home, supporting my dogs, choosing fresh produce at the store and aligning with the proper timing for whatever project I’m working on.  There is no limit to when and where UWTH can offer benefit.


During one fascinating experience, I was sending distance healing to one of my own inner children to heal from carried wounding.  As I deepened into the healing process, I began to dialogue with him and suddenly became aware of that time in childhood when I felt support from some unseen source, as though everything would be ok.  I realized that what I had been feeling as a child was the influence of my future self!  UWTH contains all colors, tones and time – past, present and future as one unit – and works outside of linear time; my experience confirmed this for me.


Over the years, I’ve witnessed profound changes in people with UWTH, and this has motivated me to continue my education as a Practitioner and Teacher, to be able to support others seeking greater healing, clarity, purpose and personal integrity.


The Personal Stories below are offered to encourage and inspire you as you pursue your own healing and spiritual path.  May what you read open you to new possibilities within your own life.

                                                                            Jeremy R. Werner, L.Ac., CST, UWTH Head Teacher for the USA & Traveling Head Teacher for the World

Christine from New Jersey shares about an experience with the Monthly Healing Circle...

"I had the most amazing healing session this morning. My day was too crowded and tiring yesterday.

I have been sick with a powerful flu virus strain and have been tired and weak for over 3 weeks. I asked for healing with my health. I could feel a tingling feeling in my body during meditation. I have been grief stricken over losing my mom a year and a half ago so I tried contacting her. I haven't felt her spirit much. I found her! The reason she hasn't been around is because she's been having fun exploring around by flying to lots of different places. This made me happy because she was forced to stay home the majority of her life!


I broke up with my boyfriend recently and it's been kind of awkward. I've been too sick to speak with him because it gets heated frequently. I asked for clarity about the situation, and I got a vision of a mountain that had been on fire and all the plant life had died. It was nothing but black charcoal. That is the perfect representation of him on the inside right now from his recent experiences.


I asked for healing with my stepfather and just woke up from a dream where he let me stay at his house with some friends. My answers were so clear! I am still amazed by the experience! I have other healing requests that I wanted help with, like career, but I'll try that maybe in a few days.

Thank you, Jeremy, for providing this wonderful, positive healing experience!"

Terry from Arizona celebrates her healing journey which has included Universal White Time Healing and lead to the creation of her handmade jewelry at

"I spent my childhood and young adulthood caring for others, some with two legs and some with four, as a farm girl, daughter, sibling, wife, mom, grandma and psychologist. I experienced challenge, love and joy in so many of the relationships and opportunities I was fortunate enough to be able to pursue. I had

absolutely no idea how badly I personally needed to heal. But I did, and as so many others have written, often it takes just the right loss to find the way to open and receive what one needs most. It can be a difficult journey, and it can be an enormous blessing in disguise. It was for me.

It wasn’t until I had retired from school psychology and college and university positions that I really became aware of my own emotional trauma and healing needs. I was happily pursuing an opportunity to spend more time in my home state with a well-loved sibling when I realized how deeply wounded I was. Childhood trauma and shame in the world undoubtedly wounds us all, and for some, it catches up with us when we least expect it. The healing began for me during a shiatsu massage I was enjoying with a good friend I had met a few years before while I was a faculty advisor for undergraduate education

students at a private college. I told my friend, “You are putting me back together!” She knew of the deep family conflict and fissure I had recently experienced and told me about an acupuncturist who specialized in psycho-emotional healing. I was open to trying something I knew virtually nothing about and began to see this healer, Jeremy Werner in Tucson, Arizona, for severe anxiety. It helped, at first for only short periods of time, but fortunately for me, this healer had skills that went far beyond acupuncture. Jeremy had for many, many years been studying and practicing energy healing in many

different modalities. He led me through years of inner child work and skillful combinations of various types of healing, and slowly I began to heal from the repressed trauma that I needed help to identify and feel... "  Read more

Your personal story of Universal White Time Healing can bring inspiration to others, too!  If you have an experience that you would like to share here, please send it through the Contact page for review.  We look forward to hearing about how Universal White Time Healing has made a difference in your life.

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