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Become a Practitioner of Universal White Time Gemstone & Mineral Healing

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Universal White Time Gemstone Healing is an ancient, pure and very loving, holistic healing method, working with the Mineral Beings of Mother Earth (gemstones, crystals, metals and elements) to re-align the body with the original purity. The positive effect of Gemstone Healing has been known for a long time, but Universal White Time adds a dimension to it. The different Universal White Time stone combinations connect to your level of origin via a created so-called 'third field.'


Scientists have known for a while that at the most subtle level, atoms are made up of strands of energy, which vibrate at various speeds. This means that all matter simply consists of sound that has taken on a solid form, thus creating a structure to hold light. The mineral beings possess the unique property of penetrating this subtle, atomic level together with Universal White Time in order to grow and expand the space between these strands of energy and to re-align lovingly the inner tones with the original purity. This creates a profound effect on all levels of your existence (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). In this way, they create more lightness and thus purity in our body.


The structure of the various stones that Mother Earth offers us is at its core geometric and thus able to decode and apply the secret geometric language of light. By connecting the stones with Universal White Time, combining them in a very special way with each other and laying them on our body, vibrational frequencies are produced that have a deep effect on the most subtle level of our being. There, they set our sub-cellular structure to vibrate again in harmony with the pulsating, pure primal force.


Each stone has its own specific tone, color and mineral power and the right combination of gemstones and crystals can deeply touch and open us up on an inner level. They show, hear, feel and let you know what process you are in. By laying gemstones and crystals on the body, the stone beings can do their work. They stimulate the self-healing ability of the body and work to balance energies and dissolve blockages in the body flow. They also help you remember on a soul level who you really are. Crystals are a source of energy; they give strength, bring harmony and support us enormously in our evolutionary process.


Universal White Time Gemstone Healing not only offers you the opportunity to bring your total being into harmony, it also helps you to open up the highest and purest in you, and it introduces you to many new dimensions of your multidimensional existence or your total soul consciousness. All this helps you to grow enormously in a spiritual way.


Given their origin and age, Mineral Beings form the highest and purest concentration of light in our physical world. They are not only here as tools for healing, but also to guide and teach us, as friends on our life path. Every being is as unique and special as any of us. The purity of their song, that they mirror us, allows us to see what we need to see. With their openness and acceptance, they let us experience this very carefully and softly. And within this total togetherness, true healing, expansion of consciousness and inner purity can arise.

With their power and wisdom, the Mineral Beings inspire us to shimmer and shine as purely, clearly and powerfully as they do. They inspire us to be who we are: beings of Light and Love. They are able to enrich our lives enormously with the song of their soul. And they are eager to touch your heart with their loving light, tones and colors and to touch your soul!


Universal White Time Gemstone Healing is a wonderful education with numerous new possibilities. It is a beautiful, pure and very loving method, which gives very special results. During this training, the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom will open up to you and bring you new knowledge, depth and insights at a very special level. The Crystal Beings take you on a journey through their beautiful world through stone layouts, color baths, meditations, etc. And along the way, you will discover that stones can deeply touch your inner self and open the highest and purest in you.


During the training to become a Universal White Time Gemstone Healer, the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom will introduce you to many new dimensions, which will awaken latent gifts present in you and that will provide you with a new perspective in your life. Each crystal works on different layers of consciousness, aura layers and chakras and contains specific cosmic information, and in combination with Universal White Time, they also work on your multidimensional existence.


The Crystal Beings have been part of our Creation since the ancient beginnings. They are not only here to shine and shimmer but have emerged to create with us. They form the purest, highest and clearest concentration of Light in the physical realm. The Crystal Beings are here not only as a tool for healing, but also as guides, teachers and friends on our journey and on our life path. Each of the Crystal Beings is as unique as any of us. The purity of their song allows us to see what we need to see, in their reflection. Their full openness and acceptance allow us to see in the most gentle way. And it is in these openings that the Crystal Beings create, in which true healing can take place. With their light, they inspire us to shine and sparkle just as brightly as they do. They show us the beauty in the connection with the silence, in the midst of chaos. They show us who they really are and inspire us TO BE in all our being.

Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing Classes

The Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing classes are offered in four levels. Each class includes an Initiation that increases your intuition and sensitivity to stones and opens connections to the Beings who are guiding when using these layouts and to different levels of the Divine. It will allow you to make a more powerful connection with the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom as well. This training also gives a great addition to possibilities if you are already working with Universal White Time Healing, and it makes your connection with Mother Earth stronger.


When educated in Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing, it is no longer required to take the courses in order. However, since the knowledge and vibration build with each class, you will probably get more out of them if you take them in order.


Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing – Level 1 Practitioner Training


This Level 1 class is an introduction to the philosophy of Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing, and you will learn:


  • How to feel the vibration of stones

  • How to collect the stones that work well together to build a basic healing kit

  • How to clean, purify and recharge stones

  • How to store your stones

  • How to clean and balance jewelry from negative or unwanted energies

  • A special cleansing and healing for organs, chakras and other problem areas with a healing wand

  • A lung and stomach clearing

  • Opening the cell memory for stones

  • Recipes for ‘stone baths’ for the aura, with and without water, including a soul bath

  • 15 Layouts, which are all experienced in class: basic layout – quick layout – layout for stressed and burned out people – layout to relax deeply – stomach special – layout for diabetes – layout to clear the aura to zero – layout for the back and spine – layout for the kidneys – layout for the back of the heart chakra and its roots – balancing the solar plexus – layout for the muscles – layout that supports our body in the process of change that we are in

  • The Golden Movement Part 1

  • A protection symbol for your home

  • How to put together a simple home stone pharmacy


The Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing Level 1 course takes two days, both days from 10-5. The class includes the course manual and a diploma.  Contact an Authorized Teacher for the current class fee and schedule.


Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing – Level 2 Practitioner Training


This Level 2 course provides more advanced information and focuses on how to use the stones and layouts for healing and balancing the body and the aura and for meditation. You will be given opportunities to increase greatly your personal knowledge and healing possibilities. The Level 2 class includes:


  • The purpose and true work of stones

  • To balance the stone vibration and program stones

  • To connect with stones mentally

  • To choose the right stones

  • Stone bath for the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra

  • To meditate with stones

  • To open up your own Portal for Angels

  • To make stone elixirs

  • 16 New stone layouts, which are all practiced in class. They include, among others, an advanced basis layout, color layouts to balance the aura, layouts to open you up to greater creativity, layout to increase your vibrational frequency and quick layout for the heart chakra.

  • How to use stones for healing animals


The Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing Level 2 course takes two days, both days from 10-5. The class includes the course manual, Channie’s Stone Manual and a diploma.  Contact an Authorized Teacher for the current class fee and schedule.


Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing – Level 3 Practitioner Training


This Level 3 training is the first part of the advanced Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing class. It focuses on preparing us for the Higher Vibrations of the New Earth and will help to make this time of huge changes as easy as possible for us. The shape and colors of our auras and chakras are changing as the vibration of Earth is lifting, and the layouts in this class help us to integrate the changes. The powerful stone layouts in this level prepare our minds, auras, chakras and bodies to help us make the shift to the New Earth harmonious. This Level 3 class includes:


  • More about the role of the new chakras

  • Stone layouts to manifest the new chakras in the body

  • Balancing the color and shape changes in the aura

  • Raising the frequency of the blood and detoxifying it

  • Stone healings for your home with layouts on Universal Vibrational Signs and Sacred Geometry symbols to bring harmony and balance into our environment

  • Balancing humans and animals at the cellular level

  • The new meaning of stones

  • How to use precious stones as a spiritual tool

  • Building your own foundation

  • Making contact with all elements of life including the new ones

  • Meeting the New Light

  • Connecting with the New Earth

  • Balancing and opening the mind to understand the New Earth

  • The wholeness of life, about growing in spirituality

  • Connecting with the New Universe

  • Layout for our new heart chakra

  • How to perform distance healing with stones

  • How to purify Earth energies


The Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing Level 3 course takes two days, both days from 10-5. The class includes the course manual, Channie’s Gemstone Healing Repertory and a diploma.  Contact an Authorized Teacher for the current class fee and schedule.


Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing – Level 4 Practitioner Training


This Level 4 training is the second part of the advanced Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing class. The focus of this dynamic advanced course is about learning to feel and come in contact with yourself as a Whole Being, your Totality of Being! It takes you on a journey to your multidimensional layers of existence. But this part is also about getting to know the Universe and all its beings.


The stone layouts in this part help you to make contact with your own Higher Self, extraterrestrial forms of existence, angelic beings, light beings qualities, the Divine essence, the Central Sun, the Original Force, the Blue Creation and … More than 50 layouts will help you in your spiritual search for yourself and cosmic understanding.


The stone layouts can make a special feeling come up in you, let you experience a recognition or even awaken clear memories in you of your higher soul parts. By doing all the stone layouts in the correct order, you will open up, little by little,  your spirituality totally and come in contact with yourself, your Higher Self and everything ‘out there,’ all the way to the Source of Divinity.


In this level, we work with sequences of stone layouts, which together have a certain balance. These include:


  • Stone layouts that help you to get a better contact with yourself, your body, mind, soul and spirit.

  • Stone layouts that let you experience your heart flower, soul flower and spirit flower. It will strengthen your contact with your guides, guardian angels, spiritual leaders, etc.

  • Stone layouts that are about understanding, the Source of Wisdom, but also our part and role in the ongoing spiritual evolution and the phases prior to the New Earth. We also connect with all forms of life on Earth, all kinds of people, animals, plants, various forms of elemental beings, elves, etc.

  • Stone layouts that connect with and touch all the new in all its forms, that the Third Drop has to offer us. This is the first experience with the Beyond and more.

  • Stone layouts that help to connect with our higher and more Spiritual Form of Ourselves.

  • Stone layouts that focus on our friends in the Universe: to the good and loving extraterrestrials from near and far, on different levels and in different dimensions, so we can understand them better.

  • Stone layouts that connect with the realm and the place of the essence of the Higher Angels, so that you can understand them and come in contact with them.

  • Stone layouts that are connected to the Divine in all forms and with all the names that the Divine chooses to come forth.

  • Stone layouts that allow us to come in contact with all the good things, united in an Alliance.

  • Actively meditating with stones.

  • To program stones on a higher level.

  • To cleanse the aura with stones and programmed crystals.

  • To pre-program Quartz Crystal Points.

  • To help and intensify the colors in the aura.

  • To balance yourself and others physically with stones.

  • Advanced distance healing with stones.

  • How to find the heart or soul stone for a person.

  • To integrate the new chakras into the body.

  • Dimensions grounding.

  • Stone ceremonies for the season, indoors and outdoors.

  • Stone Initiation for yourself and your friends to feel the vibration of stones.


The Universal White Time Gemstone and Mineral Healing Level 4 course takes four or five days (depending on the group size), from 10-5 each day. The class includes the course manual, a checklist for needed stones and a diploma.  Contact an Authorized Teacher for the current class fee and schedule.

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