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Experience the Benefits of Universal White Time Healing

For healing sessions in your local area, click here to view the the current list of Practitioners in the Practitioner Directory.
Private Healing Sessions with Jeremy R. Werner, Supreme Teacher for the World, Head Teacher for the USA
​Remote, 60 min - $95
Spiritual Upgrade - $100
The New Initiation - $125


Universal White Time is an advanced healing energy that connects one more deeply to oneself and to the Universal Consciousness that is always available to us through our One Heart. It is a beautiful manifestation of Light and Love that encourages the awakening of Body, Heart-Mind and Spirit to live more creatively and truthfully. Universal White Time is the combination of all frequencies of color and time - past, present and future in one unit.


Alignment with these energies during a session links one directly to the Core Self where profound transformation and healing become possible.


  • Universal White Time Healing (UWTH) is open for everyone, both young and old, and of any background or belief.

  • A person does not need to understand spirituality before a treatment and does not need to seek something afterwards.

  • This healing supports the development and expression of one's authentic Self.

  • A healing can be performed as a hands-on technique, or as a distance or remote healing. It may include contact healing, aura clearing, chakra balancing, organ clearing, point balancing, and the laying-on of stones.

  • UWTH balances your frequencies and produces a harmonizing communication between your body, mind, and spirit in all time, through total unconditional love.

  • UWTH reaches into the deepest vibration on the physical plane, our atomic level.

  • A healing supports one’s natural detoxification process. It also supports the development of one’s natural intuitive and psychic abilities and a deeper connection with Spirit and one’s inner guidance.

  • UWTH helps one to become more attuned to Mother Earth and Nature, including the animal, plant and elemental realms.

  • UWTH may be used to clear and energize personal spaces, such as home or office.

Healing sessions are private and confidential and may be performed for individuals, relationships, families and groups, homes, businesses, animals and situations. 


For more information and to schedule a healing session, please send Jeremy an email through the Contact page or visit

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