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About Universal White Time Healing

“Universal White Time Healing is an ancient Universal healing art. It gives us the possibility to work with a healing that is targeting the problem through time and space - a healing that is individually searching for the problem, finding the need, wherever that might be, inside or outside of the person, animal, plant or situation that you choose to heal. The Universal White Time Healing goes in and reaches the deepest vibration, on the physical plane, our atomic level. But it's also working on the most subtle of thoughts, emotions and dreams, creating the smartest ways of solving problems, inspiring new ideas and increasing positive experiences. So the healing can balance everything both physical and psychological, but even on the emotional plane. The philosophy behind Universal White Time Healing says that the body is like a musical instrument that is supposed to create the finest of vibrations, tones. But when the body is feeling sick, the instrument plays out of tune. Because Universal White Time Healing goes so deep in, it can tune the body to the right tone again. Attuned for a healthy and happy life.

This healing art is completely different from other forms of healing, partly through its unique origin, but also through its ability to reach the deepest laying problems without limit for time. Because White Time means that you work simultaneously with all the times in one unit, past, present and future flow together and it can also be said that it is also possible to work parallel to the Normal Time. This is because White Time is its own unique quality. White Time also means that all colors are present within the healing process and that is very positive for the body. The philosophy says that when the body doesn't feel ok, it's not only a lack of tones that is a problem but also lack of colors.

Universal White Time Healing is open for everyone, both young and old, and of any background or belief.  Because the future and tomorrow is what is important, not what is left behind.  A person doesn't need to understand Spirituality before, and you don't need to seek something afterwards.  No one has to change because it is ok to be who you are.  The only side effect we have with this healing is that most of the people who receive or work with Universal White Time Healing become happier afterwards.

The healing art is Universal and the healer who gives it has not only received healing hands through the class teachings but has received also a more open and wider understanding of Spirituality.  Universal White Time Healing opens up the door.  The question is ‘Are you prepared to walk through that door?’”


                                                                                                                       -  Channie West, Supreme Teacher of Universal White Time Healing

The Effects of Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time is an advanced healing energy that connects one more deeply to oneself and to the Universal Consciousness that is always available to us through our One Heart. It is a beautiful manifestation of Light and Love that encourages the awakening of Body, Heart- Mind and Spirit to live more creatively and truthfully. Universal White Time is the combination of all frequencies of color and time - past, present and future in one unit.

Alignment with these energies links one directly to the Core Self where profound transformation and healing become possible.  Universal White Time Healing is open for everyone, both young and old, and of any background or belief.  A person does not need to understand spirituality before a treatment and does not need to seek something afterwards.  


A healing can be performed as a hands-on technique or as a distance or remote healing and may include contact healing, aura clearing, chakra balancing, organ clearing, point balancing, and the laying-on of stones.  It supports one’s natural detoxification process and the development of one’s natural intuitive and psychic abilities.

Universal White Time Healing:

  • Supports the development and expression of your authentic self through Total Unconditional Love.

  • Balances your frequencies and produces a harmonizing communication between your body, mind, and spirit in all time.

  • Reaches into the deepest vibration on the physical plane - the atomic level.

  • Assists in contacting and communicating with Guides, Angels and Light Beings for healing, insight, guidance and support.

  • Helps one to become more attuned to Mother Earth and Nature, including the animal, plant and elemental realms.

  • Clears and energizes personal spaces, such as homes or offices.

The Golden Movement

The Golden Movement is a sacred invocation of creational energies that enables you to clear yourself and open up new spiritual possibilities.  Channie West demonstrates the Golden Movement Part One in this video:


Universal Portals with White Time

For information on Universal Portals with White Time, please click here.

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